Hello there! My name is Dominique!

I really want to make a little introduction about myself, because in a way the art shop represents at least 90% of my soul. I am a freelance Haitian illustrator and artist, based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I am an INFJ-T, and those who truly know me know that I am mostly inspired by the simple things in life, and everything that evokes a sense of cosiness and tranquility. Also, I always find a way to bring magic to my days even if an usual uninvited guest called anxiety keeps knocking on my door.

I've always been a sensitive soul, from a very young age. Feeling, analyzing and overthinking everything. And while every child my age was playing, I won't lie, I was playing too, as my childhood was mostly composed of adventures, but also, I was so busy feeling absolutely everything around me. I was conscious of my surroundings and eventually ended up crying at the thought of them not doing well, or simply crying of joy at the thought of them doing well. It is pretty much confusing, I know. But I'm like that. Always dealing with a huge wave of emotions. 
And I think after so many years cursing myself for feeling so much at once, I can finally take a break and embrace this chaotic, complicated, yet pure personality of mine.


I studied Fine Arts at Ecole Nationale des Arts, the only art school in my country and have a BA in this field. I'm now working full time in my cosy home studio, which is to me the safest place on earth. It's where all the magic happens! Hehe!
My illustrations revolves around coziness, small, quiet moments, sisterhood and the poetry of nature. Everything a child at heart would appreciate..

In my work I use a mix of gouache, watercolor and colored pencils. And recently I even combined both traditional and digital media in two illustrated children books by two talented haitian authors. One of them is Regine Theodat, a beautiful soul whose love for her culture genuinely resonates through everything she touches. You can find her book titled “I’ve been waiting for you” Here A creole version of the book titled “Sa fè lontan m ap tann ou” is also available Here

The moments spent among nature, the earthy smell created by rain while meeting the hot dry soil, huge cups of ginger and cinnamon tea, warm and soft blankets, homemade cookies, biscuits soaked into my favorite mug of hot chocolate, dried flowers hanged all over my home, the scents of lit candles on gloomy days, long baths in a beautiful thub filled with leaves and flower petals. These are some of the things that makes me feel FULLY alive! 

I dream of living in a small secluded cottage, behind a beautiful white fence. A cottage that I will secretly make the decor resemble a fairy garden and a gigantic personal library. And of course It will be filled with love, surrounded by my loved ones and the animals I cherish. Nearby a river, and the sweetest fruit trees. In the mean time I will keep drawing this dream and keep working towards it as much as I can. And I hope these little drawings and other goodies, inspired by the beauty of nature and vintage aesthetics, will transport you to a magical world as well.🧡🌻