Echoes of Passe Reine is committed to make clothes that reflects our ideology of slow fashion, which values authenticity, mindfulness towards our beautiful team that brings the clothes to life and a deep, healthy connection with mother earth.

Our main goal steps towards creating more sustainability with our clothing brand will start through these actions:

• Ethically made timeless designs with a remarkable taste for lace trimming; 

• Reducing fabric waste by doing small accessories from scraps; 

• Sourcing organic, eco-friendly fabrics; (Oeko-tex and GOTS certified)

• The focus of our brand in our start-up phase lies with made-to-order garments. This means that we won't have any clothes in stock, but by doing so we can avoid over-producing while creating a healthy and mindful working environment for our small team.The current lead-time for our pieces is 3-4weeks.
Some of our collections are truly unique as we are often lucky enough to source rare vintage, remnants fabrics for each design.

We also use compostable, biodegradable packaging to do our part with reducing as much waste as we can without compromising on shipping out your beautiful garments with the care and production they need and deserve.
The clothes we create are infused with so much care and magic, not only towards the process of creating them, but also towards our team. In a world where fast fashion takes the lead, we want to honor the souls that make it possible for these garments to exist. To be mindful of our time and energy as we take mindful steps towards....

This is just the start of the impact that we want to reach with our brand....