Echoes of Passe-Reine is a slow fashion brand and a whimsical garden of art that celebrate the poetry of nature and childhood memories, cherished and collected over the years by the founder Dominique. Our limited edition designs are consciously handcrafted in Haiti, with a dedication to empower people through a more thoughtful, timeless and refined wardrobe. One they keep revisiting for its effortless singularity, beauty and comfort, as time goes by.

The Founder

Dominique St-Germain is the founder of Echoes of Passe-Reine. Growing up, she would feed her fascination with fashion by shaping her fondness around vintage outfits. This would influence her into finding interest in collaborating with specific vintage inspired brands with timeless catalogue. And eventually, this will inspire her to create her own clothes with the spirit of timelessness that inhabits her mind.

Feeling the need to tell the stories that shaped her childhood through her style, has led her towards a more poetic and nostalgic approach in creating the dresses, the skirts and all of the goodies that make Echoes of Passe-Reine the home to a beautiful melody telling the story of a cherished experience.

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To raise awareness on how incredibly earth-harming fashion can be, we pride ourselves in using a thoughtful approach in each of our design's process. By using natural and sustainable fibers such as linen, organic cotton, compostable tencel, and in rare cases, vintage dead stock rayon crepe fabrics, we strive to create pieces that can be passed onto the next generation and the one after that. To have a wardrobe that is truly effortless and where each fiber is filled to the brim with memories that are created over time, is what we hold close to our hearts.


Our signature style resides in a mix of graceful vintage essentials and bold modern affirmations, expressed through elegant artistry and poetic emotions. Each timeless piece possesses its own identity, and can therefore tell its own magical story.

Echoes of Passe-Reine is for the timeless soul. The woman whose memories and stories flow all around her, seeping into every fiber the garments she is wearing. She is grounded within herself yet she isn't afraid to dream bold and big. She flows with the cycle of Mother Nature and this is carefully reflected in each piece that caresses her skin.