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An ode to APO | Beige and Earthy Flowers

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The scent of a freshly baked almond cake, floats through every corner of your cozy home, inviting birds to land on your sage green window sills. On your porch, corn seeds are carefully spread out -- A delicate attention that will delight your plump chickens. The rustling of the trees sing melodies of tenderness while your hammock dances at the rythm of their mysterious voices.

As the timid rays of the sun stroll through the leaves, playing chess on the earthy ground, your duck and its ducklings lead the dance to the nearby stream of joyful memories, where freshness and ecstasy are nothing but one.
In a submerging moment of nostalgia, you smile while reminiscing about your grandma's infectious laughter and how joyful and magical life was when you were in her delightful company.

On your clothing rack lies the Apo dress, the subtle yet fierce vintage inspired dress that brings back souvenirs of your grandmother's colorful wardrobe. With her puffy mid-length sleeves, she transports you through a world filled to the brim with magic and happiness! Her front buttoned down speaks elegance and gives you an overwhelming sense of euphoria. Her flowing skirt twirls the colored leaves on the ground as if to help them fly once more to other majestuous horizons.

In this precious moment, everything seems to be going well. You, the magic of nature, your animal friends, and the long lasting souvenir of your beloved grandmother. What an amazing show!



Apo is handcrafted using a soft vintage dead stock rayon crêpe fabric in beige and earthy floral colors, as well as a french trimming lace. This beautiful design is dedicated to and named after my beloved Grandmother!!

As she was fond of floral patterns, this design will only be available in vintage floral patterns, which means we can only produce a few dresses out of it each time! As for this floral pattern only five dresses will be made from it to further emphasize its uniqueness. Not to worry, another vintage floral fabric will be available for just a few dresses as well. Please be quick while placing your order on this  design.


• Midi dress
• Mid Length puffed sleeves
• Sweetheart Neckline
• Button front closure
• Hidden inseam pockets
• Vintage Rayon Crêpe
• Dominique is 171 cm and she wears size Medium

Please hand wash in cold water. Do not use bleach. Gentle natural laundry detergent is your best bet. You can line dry or dry flat your garment. Iron inside out, on very low temperature setting.


To honor our ideology of slow, sustainable fashion which revolves around lowering our impact on the environment and reducing over-producing, we embrace the method of made-to-order garments. So this beauty and all of our other garments will have a turnaround time of 4-5 weeks to be produced with an additional week for shipping and delivery.

We know that waiting for a piece of garment this long can be a bit frustrating, but as we embrace slow fashion, we believe that our little community can also celebrate it with us, by being more mindful and thoughtful about the pieces of clothing purchased at Echoes of Passe-Reine. While promoting continuous and steady manufacture, slow fashion aims at healthy production, which helps in choosing the highest quality resources, timeless designs that are gentle to the environment. Giving birth to organic and trendless pieces, creating staple wardrobes, filled to the brim with magic. And we believe that waiting a little longer for magic is always worth it. You, will confirm it. 

We also use compostable, biodegradable packaging to do our part with reducing waste to aid in the prevention of pollution, and protect our environment, without compromising on shipping out your beautiful garments with the care and production they need and deserve.



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"THE GARMENTS" in our main shop

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The hand painted candles are dispatched within 7 days.

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