Echoes of Passe-Reine

Anayiz | Dark Moss Green


Fanciness is such a strong and memorable detour in everything you choose to wear. Whether it is for that saturday walk with your favorite vintage camera, capturing the visual language of what you have in common with nature or because you find it enjoyingly cool to wander around beautiful people during this afternoon family gathering, celebrating what life has built around you.

Anayiz is truly captivating, enchanting the senses. Your hands yearn to glide along the intricate laces, brimming with sensitivity and profound emotion. The eyes attempt to fathom the contents concealed within those pockets - be it sweets, tea leaves, or precious plant seeds. However, in every instance, it exudes an aura of generosity, an ode to the pursuit of vibrant memories from past experiences, cherished souvenirs we carry forward on our journey. Each motion, every posture, emanates a captivating elegance, characterized by a delicate yet daring fusion of contrasting shapes and textures, embodied within a single piece of fashion that resonates with profound emotional expression.



Anayiz is handcrafted using 100% washed linen 100% (205 g/m²) and Oeko-tex certified, which insinuates that it has a certification proving that the fabric has genuinely been tested and judged free of high levels of chemicals known to be dangerous for you and your environment.


• Mini dress
• Mid Length sleeves
• Round high ruffled neckline
• Shoulder pads
• Hidden inseam pockets
• 100% washed linen (205 g/m²)
• Dominique is 171 cm and she wears size Medium
• Broderie anglaise eyelet lace trim

Please hand wash or machine wash on lukewarm temperatures. Preferably at 30ºC. Do not use bleach. Natural laundry detergent is your best bet. You can line dry or dry flat your garment. Iron inside out, on low temperature setting.


To honor our ideology of slow, sustainable fashion which revolves around lowering our impact on the environment and reducing over-producing, we embrace the method of made-to-order garments. So this beauty and all of our other garments will have a turnaround time of 4-5 weeks to be produced with an additional week for shipping and delivery.

We know that waiting for a piece of garment this long can be a bit frustrating, but as we embrace slow fashion, we believe that our little community can also celebrate it with us, by being more mindful and thoughtful about the pieces of clothing purchased at Echoes of Passe-Reine. While promoting continuous and steady manufacture, slow fashion aims at healthy production, which helps in choosing the highest quality resources, timeless designs that are gentle to the environment. Giving birth to organic and trendless pieces, creating staple wardrobes, filled to the brim with magic. And we believe that waiting a little longer for magic is always worth it. You, will confirm it. 

We also use compostable, biodegradable packaging to do our part with reducing waste to aid in the prevention of pollution, and protect our environment, without compromising on shipping out your beautiful garments with the care and production they need and deserve.


"THE GARMENTS in our main shop

Our limited edition designs are consciously handcrafted in Haiti, with a dedication to empower people through a more thoughtful, timeless wardrobe. One they keep revisiting for its effortless singularity, beauty and comfort, as time goes by.

"THE CARDS in our art shop

Our beautiful cards are printed on archival paper which prevents the colors from any deterioration possible.

"THE OTHER LITTLE TREATS in our art shop

These gorgeous treats are truly the artistist's soul poured out to you. They will be the perfect addition to your cosy little home!

"THE GARMENTS" in our main shop

We ship our packages worldwide and via DHL express. Orders (dresses, blouses, pants, skirts) typically ship within 4-5 weeks after payment.


The hand painted candles are dispatched within 7 days.

Shipping rate will be calculated at checkout and it may vary from 12, 25 to 40 us depending on where you are located.


The cards, the accessories, the illustrations, the wall hangings, the embroidered pieces are dispatched  within 5 days.

THE GARMENTS” in our vintage shop

The vintage pieces are dispatched within 5 days.

The address specified is exactly where we will send the packages, so please make sure you enter the right address.
International orders can take 7 to 10 days to be delivered (depending on the country), but please note that delivery time may vary due to the COVID-19 situation. 

A tracking number will be sent to you via your personal email once the package is dispatched.

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