Echoes of Passe-Reine

Mini green wall hanging


Indulge in the charm of this exquisite wall hanging that is bound to elevate the aesthetics of your desk or reading nook. Meticulously crafted with 100% natural cotton cord, it exudes an organic and timeless appeal that adds character to any wall it adorns. Its unique design breathes life into vacant spaces, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to infuse their surroundings with a touch of elegance and beauty.


- Dimension: wooden stick 6.5 inches/chord 10.5 inches
- The price is for one piece/item only.
- If you want a Custom size, please feel free to drop us a message
- Original color: Forest green 


"THE GARMENTS in our main shop

Our limited edition designs are consciously handcrafted in Haiti, with a dedication to empower people through a more thoughtful, timeless wardrobe. One they keep revisiting for its effortless singularity, beauty and comfort, as time goes by.

"THE CARDS in our art shop

Our beautiful cards are printed on archival paper which prevents the colors from any deterioration possible.

"THE OTHER LITTLE TREATS in our art shop

These gorgeous treats are truly the artistist's soul poured out to you. They will be the perfect addition to your cosy little home!

"THE GARMENTS" in our main shop

We ship our packages worldwide and via DHL express. Orders (dresses, blouses, pants, skirts) typically ship within 4-5 weeks after payment.


The hand painted candles are dispatched within 7 days.

Shipping rate will be calculated at checkout and it may vary from 12, 25 to 40 us depending on where you are located.


The cards, the accessories, the illustrations, the wall hangings, the embroidered pieces are dispatched  within 5 days.

THE GARMENTS” in our vintage shop

The vintage pieces are dispatched within 5 days.

The address specified is exactly where we will send the packages, so please make sure you enter the right address.
International orders can take 7 to 10 days to be delivered (depending on the country), but please note that delivery time may vary due to the COVID-19 situation. 

A tracking number will be sent to you via your personal email once the package is dispatched.

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